SafeSite Isle of Wight – Keeping Properties Secure

Security and Boarding Up

We can make your construction site/property safe and secure from to outside to the inside with our unique designed Fire Resistant steel doors and window panels.  As well as securing the outside of your property our doors can also be fitted to any doorframe within to create a safe room on a new build or construction build for safely storing expensive equipment and tools, eliminating the need to hire costly containers.

Steel Doors

building site safety metal doors isle of wight

Our fire resistant doors act as a visible and highly effective deterrent to intruders, squatters and thieves. They can be fitted very quickly and are made from a very robust steel and come in a wide range of sizes to fit any opening. They do not damage your property in any way. Each door is fitted with two level 5 security locks, giving you double-locking protection and are operated with just one key. We also offer a more realistic looking door which draws the eye away from the property being vacant and also keeps it in-keeping with the surrounding area. The doors can also be used to partition interior door ways which limits access any further in to a property. They can also be used to make a safe room to keep heavy and expensive tools safe over night on a new refurbishment build or on a construction sites. A Safe Room would eliminate the cost of hiring a container.

Window Panels

building site safety metal doors isle of wight

Our fire resistant panels are far more effective than just the traditional timber paneling. They sit flush within the existing window frame, so they leave no opening for an object to be used for leverage. The panels can be used to also board up un used doors to keep your costs down. As with the printed doors we can also offer a more realistic looking window panel that can be fitted to unfinished refurbishments or to keep the property in-keeping with the surrounding area. We also use the more tradtitional method of timber, but our timber is secured with heavy duty coach bolts. The timber can be used for the more harder to reach areas of your property. This would also keep your costs down.

picture of building site safety doors and windows (on a building)